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Note: This page provides an overview of the various kinds of Bible Scholarships available. The following links are provided for easy reference.
Fill-In Forms:
Bible Scholarship Application for New and Returning & Transfer Students
Reference Form (for first time applicants) | Bible GPA Calculator

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Bible Scholarship Instructions | Bible Scholarship Application for New and Returning & Transfer Students
Reference Form (for first time applicants)

Bible Scholarships for Minors and Certificates:
Instructions | Application Form | Fill-in Application Form | Bible GPA Calculator

Students must be enrolled in 12 hours in any semester to receive a scholarship. However, ministers serving full-time with a church may apply for a tuition reduction for up to 7 hours using this form.

All students, regardless of their major area of study, are encouraged to apply for any academic, ACT/SAT, and extracurricular scholarships which may be available. General scholarship application forms are available from the Admissions Office or the Financial Aid office.

In addition, a student who is majoring in Bible may qualify for any of several Bible scholarships.

  1. Several endowed scholarships specifically reserved for Bible majors are listed in the academic catalog. The amount of these scholarships and the qualifications for receiving them vary, but are clearly stated in the catalog. Students who receive an endowed Bible scholarship are expected to write a thank you letter to the donor or the donor's family. Advancement will receive a copy of the thank you letter to facilitate the raising of additional funds. Additional information on these awards is available through the financial aid office.
  2. The Bible program, through the generosity of a donor and a matching grant program, provides a general Bible scholarship to almost all Bible majors preparing for ministry among churches of Christ. This program is known as the Bible and Ministry Scholarship Program. This program includes conditions imposed by the donors. Other Bible majors and students minoring in Bible or ministry may also apply for scholarships.
  3. Additionally, each year, the Bible program hires student Bible majors who serve as program interns and work (either through work study or in addition to work study assignments) in the Bible department offices.
  4. The most generous scholarships available to Bible majors are provided through congregations who, in conjunction with summer internship and missions programs, provide full scholarships to students selected for participation in the program.

In addition to the above listed scholarships, many students arrange internships during the school year or during the summer which contribute significantly to the funds available for their education. Some of these funds are payable as scholarships and some of them represent earned income. The Bible department maintains a listing of churches who participate in this program in addition to the large number of congregations who simply seek students who will work in ministry positions during the summer months.

A student who meets the academic and activity qualifications stated on the Scholarship Application for New and Returning & Transfer Students (also available in hard copy from the OVU Financial Aid Office) may qualify for the Bible and Ministry Scholarship Program (item #2 above). The eligibility and application procedures for this scholarship are described on the Bible Scholarship Instructions Sheet. The Reference Form is also available on-line. Scholarships are renewable annually provided the student continues to meet the qualifications. Scholarship elibility is renewed at the conclusion of each semester. Returning students can find a spreadsheet that automates calculation of the Bible GPA available on-line here.Amounts awarded range from $500-$1500 annually. (Scholarships are also available for Vocational Bible and Ministry second majors who meet certain qualifications.) Please do not fill out these on-line forms unless you have applied for admission to OVU.

In summary, as outlined above, a limited number of Bible scholarships are available for students who show exceptional promise or who are selected to serve as program interns. Other Bible scholarships are connected with summer internship programs, generally available only to upperclassmen. For information on these awards, please contact the Bible program directly.

Additional scholarships may be available for students involved in campus spiritual clubs or in other spiritual leadership positions.

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