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The Bible program, with four degree offerings and a choice between a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree, serves as a continual reminder of one of the major reasons for the establishment of the University. The Bible program prepares ministers, missionaries, and educators who will serve our churches, but also seeks to prepare every student as a Christian leader who can serve capably in the local congregation. In the annual Bible lectureship, Biblical forums, seminars and workshops, and by providing communication regarding opportunities for ministry and service, the Bible program serves students, preachers, and churches.


The Bible program at Ohio Valley University began offering baccalaureate degrees in the early 1980s. Over 150 alumni have graduated with baccalaureate degrees in Bible. Countless others have completed initial studies at the then Ohio Valley College or Northeastern Christian Junior College before completing degrees elsewhere, and are now serving in churches throughout the northeast, across our nation, and around the world. Past directors of the program include Alex Humphrey, Edward Myers, Duane Warden, Anthony Bryant, Robert J. Young, Bill Bowen, and Bruce Terry. Michael Moss serves as the current director and dean. Bruce Terry serves as the current chair of the program.

Majors Offered

The Bible Program offers the following majors:

Bible and Ministry in either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree with a specialization in one of the following MINORS:
  • Biblical Languages
  • Children's Ministry
  • Christian Counseling
  • Christian Service for Women
  • Greek
  • History (Church History emphasis)
  • Missions
  • New Testament
  • Old Testament
  • Practical Ministry
  • Preaching
  • Youth and Family Ministry
  • While the two degree programs are similar, the Bachelor of Arts program also requires the successful completion of second year Greek, thus equipping the student for a deeper understanding of God?s Word.

    Vocational Bible and Ministry, with a reduced number of credit hours, as a second major field of study. Three tracks are available: Voccational Ministry, Vocational Missions, and Vocational Bible Teaching. A primary major other than Bible and Ministry is required. These majors will be a second degree in Bachelor of Science if the student graduates with at least 158 hours.

    Rather than a student receiving a major in ministry specializations such as Youth Ministry, Missions, or Christian Counseling, our program offers a degree in Bible and Ministry with specializations in these fields. The degree includes a broad range of ministry classes, thus equipping each student for several areas of ministry including preaching, teaching, evangelism, and missions. This allows a graduate to transition to other ministry positions at a future time without being labeled as only a specialist.

    At OVU, we believe that effective ministry is anchored in God's Word. The BA and BS degrees require 18 credit hours in the study of Biblical text. In addition, students are taught to study the Bible on their own with an intensive course in scripture interpretation. As an option that is encouraged, students are also taught how to read the scriptures in the original languages.

    Program Highlights

    • Serves from 20 to 45 majors in the Bible program annually as well as other students who desire Bible training beyond the requirements of their degree programs.
    • Offers a dozen different specializations including Biblical Languages, Christian Counseling, Missions, Practical Ministry, and Youth and Family Ministry (see full list above).
    • Teaches general education Bible classes to about 400 students each semester.
    • Provides numerous employment and internship opportunities with a special focus on the northeastern quadrant and eastern regions of the U.S., including New England and the Mid-Atlantic Seaboard.
    • Provides various seminars and classes for church growth, leadership, and other biblical and related studies, both on campus and on site for churches desiring specialized training. Other offerings throughout the academic year provide resources for students and local churches in the Parkersburg-Vienna area.
    • Encourages ministry and domestic missions in non-traditional roles through the Christian Service for Women minor and second majors, including Vocational Ministry and Vocational Missions.
    • Provides numerous minors to strengthen and focus the baccalaureate degrees in specialized areas of interest or emphasis.
    • Hosts the annual Bible Lectureship, Inman Biblical Preaching and Teaching Seminar, and Huffard Forum, and other seminars and workshops to provide unique opportunities for study.
    • Takes students to the World Mission Workshop.
    • Conducts Bible Major Symposiums, often hosted by Bible professors in their homes.

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    Mission Statement:
    At the School of Biblical Studies, we seek to transform lives in a Christ-centered academic community by encouraging biblical faith to produce life-long truth-seekers who serve God in His kingdom throughout the world.

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