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Doctrine And The DO In It   Doctrine And The DO In It
By: Charles C. Pugh III
ISBN # 0972549838

This is the second volume of essays from the mind and pen of Charles C. Pugh III. The first series contained valuable essays on evidences and was titled, Things Most Surely Believed. This second volume contains a varied assortment of doctrinal essays with practical application. The substance of the essays has been before the brotherhood, and general public, for sometime through the printed page and the platform of the pulpit. The content of the essays is seen by the title, Doctrine and the DO In It.

I.By What Authority?13
II.The Power Of The Christ And The Cross25
III.Rejoice In The Lord Greatly34
IV.Worship Issues41
V.The Church In The New Testament52
VI.The Holy Spirit67
VII.There Is Still Room For Opinion75
VIII.Treating Others Right85
IX.Learning From The Seasons97
X.Mom And Dad109
XI.National Security116
XII.Handling Life's Pressure Cookers122
XIII.The Priority Of Preaching130
Scripture Index141

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