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Humor for the Heart   Humor for the Heart
By: Various Authors
ISBN # 1582291284

Humor has the power to transform a down day into a wonderful adventure or a good day into an even brighter one. That's why you and those you care for are sure to enjoy the humorous messages and light-hearted stories in this delightful book.


Chapter 1:   humor for the Spirit
Hard to Be, Good Christian Parenting Today2
Hey Kids Wanna Ride? - Charles R. Swindoll3
You Gotta Hold the Baby Even When She Spits - Chris Fabry7
Getting Little Thomas Kinkade10
Remembering What to Forget Al Sanders12
Chapter 2:   the gift of humor
Sweet Revenge - Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller16
You Did This for Me? - Max Lucado17
How to Buy Gifts for Dummies - Chonda Pierce22
The Gift - Nancy Moser26
Flowers and Weeds Philip Gulley29
Chapter 3:   humor on the homefront
Ways to Know if Martha Stewart is Stalking You
Becky Freeman
Encroaching the Throne G. Ron Darbee35
Cleanliness is Next to Godliness Karen Scalf Linamen42
Potty Talk for the Romantically Inclined Charlene Baumbich45
Kitchen Hall of Fame- Marti Attoun49
Chapter 4:   dad - the family comedian
Bedtime Prayer - James A. Simpson52
Of Fathers and Children - Tim Wildmon53
Ripped Seams and Baby's Screams - Chris Fabry59
King of the Mountain - Harold B. Smith64
The Game of Life - G. Ron Darbee69
Chapter 5:   merriment for moms
Suprise Pregnancy - Christian Parenting Today 76
The ABC's of Mommyhood - Nancy Kennedy 77
Excuse Me? Marti Attoun82
Is It Real, or is it Just Mucus? - Charlene Baumbich 84
Get on Board That Potty Train - Nancy Kennedy 88
Chapter 6:   good sports on the playing field
Big-Inning Baseball - George F. Will 94
Has Anyone Seen My Husband's Camoflage? - Chonda Pierce 95
Hanging Up the High Tops100
Can't Beat Fun at the Old Ballpark (Although Our Boys Have
Tried) - Lynn Bowen Walker
It's All Downhill from Here - Ken Davis108
Chapter 7:   viva la difference-humor between
men and women
High Hopes Cal and Rose Samra114
Hurry Up, We're Going to Be Late Joey O'Connor 115
The Upchuck That Saved Our Marriage Charlene Baumbich 120
He Tarzan, Me Jane. We Friends? Becky Freeman 125
Love Must Be Show-and-Tell - Tim Wildmon129
Chapter8:   it's my body and i'll cry if i want to-
weighty humor
The 30-Day Diet - Bob Phillips 134
Absolutely Flabulous - Ken Davis 135
Ol' Blue Eyes - Luci Swindoll140
Rejoice! - SheilaWalsh143
Do Plastic Surgeons Take Visa? - Kathy Peel146
Chapter 9:   the family that laughs together...
"Your Father's Side" Robert Savage152
Vulcan Child Care - Dan N. "Max" Mayhew 153
Tuning In Nancy Moser157
The Toni Dennis Swanberg160
Teen Hair Disaster Dan N. "Max" Mayhew 163
Chapter 10:   amusing animals-pet humor
Signs Pam Vredevelt168
Experiencing Dog Chris Fabry169
Chippie Doesn't Sing Much Anymore Marvin Phillips172
Pet Peeves Chris Ewing175
Princess Fur-Face Marilyn Meberg184
Chapter 11:   love and laughter-humor in marriage
That's Matrimony Dennis Swanberg190
Adam and Eve - John William Smith191
Shut the Door - Laura Jensen Walker196
How to Handle a Woman - Becky Freeman 199
I'm Right and You're Wrong - Joey O'Connor202
Chapter 12:   the funny thing about grace
A Daily Prayer Cal and Rose Samra208
Wiped Out - Patsy Clairmont209
God's E-mail Barbara Johnson211
The Pinson Mounds - John William Smith213
Dressed to Kill - Patsy Clairmont219
source notes - 223
contributors - 229

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