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Like a Thief In the Night   Like a Thief In the Night
By: Stafford North
ISBN # 0890983348

In a newly revised and updated version of his widely-read book, Armageddon Again, Dr. Stafford North answers many common questions about the end of time.

  • What and when are the "last days"?
  • What does the Bible teach about the end of time?
  • Do Old Testament prophets predict an earthly reign of Christ? Will it last a thousand years?
  • Will there be a rapture?
  • Are there signs which signal the coming of the end of time?
  • Do Bible prophets foretell of a great war just before the end of the world?
  • Will one or two antichrists plunge the earth into that final war?
Drawing from a lifetime of study, North explores biblical teaching about the last days, Book of Revelation and second-coming of Christ, while addressing many of the popular end times theories and myths. Like a Thief in the Night serves as an excellent companion study to North's book, Unlocking Revelation, and contains teaching outlines for each chapter.

Contents .
Preface to the Third Editionvii
Preface to the Second Editionxi
Chart of Premillenial Theory of Last Thingsxviii
Preface to the First Editionxix
Chapter 1The Fulfillment of Old Testament Prophecies About Kings and Kingdoms1
Chapter 2Matthew 24 and The End of The World27
Chapter 3The Last Days63
Chapter 4The Antichrists77
Chapter 5The Rapture99
Chapter 6The Battle of Armageddon117
Chapter 7The Thousand-Year Reign of Revelation 20 135
A Closing Word149
General Suggestions for the Teacher159
Lesson 1A View of the Pre-Millennial Theory of the "End-Time"163
Lesson 2The King and the Kingdom169
Lesson 3Prophecy of Daniel 2173
Lesson 4Daniel 7, 11, and 8175
Lesson 5Ezekiel 36 - 40177
Lesson 6Matthew 24 - 25 (part 1)181
Lesson 7Matthew 24 - 25 (part 2)187
Lesson 8"Last Days"193
Lesson 9Antichrists197
Lesson 10The Rapture199
Lesson 11Armageddon201
Lesson 12Thousand-Year Reign on Earth207
Lesson 13Review211

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