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By: David Carrell
OVBN # 9990057362

"Youth Director, Personal Defense Sales, Patrolman, Detective, Lawyer, Detective with the Child Abuse Squad and Detective with the Murder Squad are the various employment roles for David Carrell. He speaks to the heart. He especially speaks to the hearts of young people. The Father of Lies wants to lure you into living a life of deceit. The One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, your Savior, wants to save you from the Lures of the Liar."

 Foreword, by Mark Mclnteervii
 With Appreciationxv
Chapter 1 The Prince of Darkness1
Chapter 2 The Father of Lures15
Chapter 3 The Paths of Risk35
Chapter 4 The Lure of Self-Centeredness49
Chapter 5 The Lure of Peer Pressure, Part 167
Chapter 6 The Lure of Peer Pressure, Part 281
Chapter 7 The Lure of Prejudice93
Chapter 8 The Lure of Entertainment, Part 1105
Chapter 9 The Lure of Entertainment, Part 2115
Chapter 10 The Lure of Alcohol135
Chapter 11 The Lure of Bad Habits, Part 1157
Chapter 12 The Lure of Bad Habits, Part 2171
Chapter 13 Forewarned / Forearmed189

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