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The Mythology of Modern Geology   The Mythology of Modern Geology
A Refutation of Evolution's Most Influential Argument
By: Wayne Jackson
ISBN # 9999803425

"Professor Alfred Rehwinkel said that the "geological timetable ... constitutes/ without doubt, one of the most formidable hurdles for our college-going youth." In this book, Wayne Jackson has assembled a massive amount of evidence that demonstrates the inaccuracy of the current theories of evolutionary geology. The arguments introduced utterly devastate the standard concept of the geologic time" table. This book should be carefully studied by high school and college students, and all others who need information on this vital theme."

Table of Contents
The Geologic Time Table Explained1
The Testimony Of Scripture5
The Facts Of Geology -
An Incomplete Record
The Faith That Moves Mountains13
Great Expectations -
Greater Disappointments
Initial Fossil Complexity20
A Theory Full Of Gaps21
Fossil Mysteries23
The Time Table Collapses27
10 Other Anomalies35
11 Fossils And The Flood38

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