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Things Most Surely Believed   Things Most Surely Believed
By: Charles C. Pugh III
ISBN # 0972549803

"As is all centuries, Christians today are confronted with troublesome challenges to their faith by attempting to create doubts concerning God's existence and the authority of the Bible. Charles C. Pugh III has written an excellent study of Things Most Surely Believed. The volume contains a series of nine faith strengthening essays in Christian evidences, as well as, an appendix containing one-page compositions on Christian evidences that have appeared in numerous publications. These essays deal cogently with the human venture as it is crystallized in so many cross-currents of present-day thinking. Writing with candor and honesty, the author reasons via a trilogy of (1) Proof - arguing from a logical (rational) basis for the faith, (2) Defense - answering objections of unbelievers.

Charles C. Pugh III is qualified to write this rich volume having been trained at the feet of the late and beloved Thomas B. Warren at Harding University Graduate School of Religion, Memphis, Tennessee. He also chairs the field of evidence studies West Virginia School of Preaching, Moundsville, West Virginia. Most importantly, he has been a diligent and dedicated student of the Bible for many years."

W. Terry Varner, Editor
Therefore Stand

1.Luke's Preface And The Case For Christianity19
2.Faith And Evidence28
3.Logic, Reason, And The Bible34
4.Balancing Emotion And Reason46
5.The Confirmation Of The Word53
6.Jesus: The Revelation Of The Father68
7.Stephen's Defense80
8.The Dangers Of Evolution88
9.The Greatness Of Christianity97
Scripture Index155

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