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By: Aubrey Johnson
ISBN # 0892255463

We all want to improve our spiritual lives.

The question is HOW?

There's no real secret. God has given us very clear simple instructtions as far back as the book of Deuteronomy. If we just follow His instructions, we will be able to renew our relationships with each other our spouses, our children and more importantly, our God.

Aubrey Johnson has a habit of being an encourager. As the author of the Barnabas Factor, he taught us how to build up others. Now in Renewing Your Spiritual Life he teaches us how to build up ourselves - spiritually . Whether your faith needs freshening or a complete overhaul, you will be provided with the practical tools you need to get the job done.

Table of Contents
1RENEW YOUR LOVE: "An Offer You Cannot Refuse"15
2RENEW YOUR TRUST: "Your Priceless Past"21
3RENEW YOUR VALUES: "Ten Timeless Truths"27
4RENEW YOUR COMMITMENT: "Wholeheartedness"35
5RENEW YOUR FAMILY: "How To Impress Your Children"43
6RENEW YOUR GRATITUDE: "Spiritual Alzheimer's"49
7RENEW YOUR FOCUS: "Spiritual ADD"55
8RENEW YOUR SINCERITY: "Real Religion"61
9RENEW YOUR BEARINGS: "Learn to Discern"67
10RENEW YOUR MARRIAGE: "When the Knot Begins to Slip"73
11RENEW YOUR HAPPINESS: "Let Happiness Pursue You"79
12RENEW YOUR FAITHFULNESS: "The Secret Things"83
13RENEW YOUR PEACE: "The Everlasting Arms"89
Simple Steps for Renewing Your Spiritual Life94
Spiritual Renewal Survey96

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