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Children Mean the World to God   Children Mean the World to God
By: Dr. Harold Shank
ISBN # 0890981841

"This book is not what you expect. It's about children, but it's not for children. It's not about how to educate children. It's not directed at parents. It's not the sad story of hurting children. It is a book for the church. It is a call for the church to take up its God-given role and serve children."

Table of Contents
Preface 5
Introduction 7
l. Hear the Cry 15
2. Helping Every Child Feel Good 29
3. God's Answer for Helplessness 45
4. God Guides Children 61
5. Helping Families Survive 79
6. Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me About Right and Wrong? 95
7. The Dangers of Exclusiveness 113
8. The Alone 131
9. A Place for All Children 147
10. They Are All Our Children 163
11. The Right Thing 179
12. Major in Mercy 197
13. Close To Your Heart 211
Appendix 227

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