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Shine Like Stars   Shine Like Stars
By: Sara B. Leighton
ISBN # 0892255420

Becoming a Light to the World
A Study of Philippians

"Long ago the apostle Paul wrote a letter to say "thank you" to the Philippian church. They had shown their love for Paul in a tangible way, helping to meet his physical needs. This visible expression of love stood out like stars shining brightly in a dark universe.

In this most encouraging letter, Paul also provided the Philippians some very practical instruction on how all of their needs can be fulfilled in Christ Jesus. And these truths haven't changed. Joy, peace, contendedness - they can all be found only when we adopt the mind of Christ.

As Sara Leighton puts it: "Philippians is the golden setting for the sparkling gems of truth with which we should adorn our lives on a daily basis. Only then will we shine like stars in the universe as we hold out the word of life." "

1Light for a Desert Pathway11
2The Forget-Me-Nots of the Angels17
3Ye Quenchless Stars!23
4Stars Hide Your Fires29
5Harmony of the Stars37
6Sun of My Soul45
7Like Stars in the Universe53
8Hovering 'Twixt Night and Morn63
9Fixed to a Star71
10Wandering Stars79
11Peace Divine Like Quiet Night87
12Shimmering Stars, Shining Souls95
13Setting Our Course by a High Star103
Works Cited111

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