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The Dragon Slayer   The Dragon Slayer
By: Jim McGuiggan
ISBN # 0972967090

"Reflections On the Saving Of the World"

The Cross; The Crux of the Matter9
   Preaching the Cross
   The Cross and Our Changed Lives
   Glory In a Public Lynching
   The Enduring Power of the Cross
   The Challenge and Recklessness of the Cross
   Preaching, Boredom and the Cross
   The Cross and Our Awful Need
   The Drama of the Cross
   The Need for Serious Reflection On the Cross
   The Cross and the Individual
   The Claims and Drift of This Little Book
The Road Leading to Bethlehem and Golgotha27
   God Moved Against Sin
   Why Did God Move Against Our Sin?
   Our Need and God's Agenda
   God's Agenda Determines the Means by Which He Fulfills It
God's Atoning Work in Christ Embraces Our Whole Existence
Enter the Dragon Slayer37
   Beauty and the Beast
   The Stranger That Came to Town
   Jesus Is God Being Man
   Jesus Is God Being a Son of Adam
   Why Bother With All Of This?
   Jesus Is the One True God Unveiled
   The Battle Begins With the Birth of the Dragon Slayer
Averting the Wrath of God53
   Averting the Reality in God's Anger
   The Personal Element in God's Anger
   God's Anger, the Present and the Future
   Why Would God Avert His Anger?
   The Wrath of God is God's Saving Grace
   The Contingent Nature of God's Anger
The Rise and Fall of Pandemonium59
   A Throbbing City Destroyed
   How the World and the Powers Were Overcome
   The Triumph of the Cross A Cosmic Victory
   The Scandal of the Cross
   The Continuing Scandal of the Cross
   Greater Is He That Is In You Than He That Is In the World
Unmasking A Predatory Alien81
   The Enlightened West and the Dismissal of "Sin"
   Sin Dismissed In Pursuit of Pleasure
   Various Responses to Sin Among Believers
   The Holy Blabber and the One Sentence Cover-All
   The Prisoners of Conscience
   The Unforgivable Nature of Sin
   The Devil Made Me Do It
   Sin As A Pervasive Power
   Sin is A Human Affair
   Our Sinful Inter-Relatedness
   Sin Is Personal Pollution As Well As Relational Infidelity
   Sin and Its Cosmic Effects
   The True Measure of Sin
   The Relational Nature of Sin
Not Ashamed to be Called Their Brother105
   The Heart of the Matter
   The Meaning of 'He Atoned For Sins'
   In What Way Did Jesus 'Bear Our Sins'?
   Ezra and Christ Refusing To Distance Themselves From Sinners
The Blood-Stained Marcher From Edom123
   Saving Justice from Bozrah
   The Meaning of Righteousness and Justice
   Some Old Testament Texts
   Covenant Righteousness But...
   The Glory of God's Righteousness In Christ
   The Public Display and Proof of God's Righteousness
   God's Righteousness and Passing Over Sins
   The Universal Scope of God's Righteousness
   The Power of God's Righteousness
So This Is Love?141
   The Reality' and Warmth of God's Love Toward Us
   The Loving Warmth of God's Holiness
   Holiness: Its Indispensability and Nature
   God Explaining What Love Really Is
   Learning To Rely On and Trust In God's Love
An Eternal Crisis in the Life of God155
   The Cross and God's Eternal Commitment
   Old Testament Sacrifices and Offerings
   Sacrifice Was God's Idea and Not Man's
   God Initiated the Sacrificial System as An Expression
   of His Holy Love and Grace
   Sacrifice Was Initiated By God to Work Atonement
   Sacrifice Called For the Worshiper's Heart
   An Atoning Sacrifice Wasn't "Punished"
   Some Truths Underlined in Atoning Sacrifices
   The New Testament and Christ's Sacrifice
A Careless Rage For Life 171
   Doers and Dreamers
   The Life That Now Is
   The Life That Could Be Now
   The Life That Is to Be
   God's Creation Purposes
Some Suggestions for Reading199
Questions for Personal and Group Reflection201

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