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The Source   The Source
By: John Clayton and Nils Jansma
ISBN # 1582291934

What is the origin of the world and of life itself?

• Did a series of accidents and evolution bring about the world as we know it? Or is there a design and purpose behind it all?

• And if there is a design, is there an ultimate designer?

A number of years ago, John Clayton, a second-generation atheist and respected scientist and teacher, set out to disprove the Bible from a scientific point of view. Instead, his six-year study brought him to a profound faith in the God of the Bible.

Now, in this highly informative and easy to understand book, John Clayton and Nils Jansma—a geotechnical engineer and geologist—present convincing evidence that the Bible and the facts of science agree. As the public moves away from a belief in God as Creator of our heaven and earth, it becomes imperative that all believers be well informed on this vital subject. This book will become a resource you will use again and again.

With unfailing intellectual honesty, John Clayton pierces the clouds of tradition that obscure, what the Bible actually says, showing that what it says agrees with rigorous scientific facts. In The Source he shows that good Bible study and good science do not conflict. Based on his own studies, he changed from a militant atheist to a believer in the God who reveals Himself in the Bible.

List of Illustrationsvii
Introduction. The Need for Answers1
1.The Cosmos and the Creation5
2.The Design of Planet Earth19
3.Design in the Chemistry of Matter31
4.Design as Evidenced in Life41
5.The Nature of God55
6.The Language of the Earth67
7.The Language of the Bible85
8.Let the Earth Speak99
9.Ask the Animals117
10.What Is Man?143
11. Let Humans Speak165
12.God's Permission of Evil183
13.Why Choose the Bible as the Word of God?193
14.Conclusion 213
Appendix 1Calculated Odds for Being Suitably Located
in Our Galaxy
Appendix 2More on Universal Constants219
Appendix 3String Theory223
Appendix 4How Many Stars Are There?225
Appendix 5The Variable Nature of Time227
Appendix 6Rock Classifications 229
Appendix 7Discussion of Flood Geology233
Appendix 8Hebrew Words and Definitions in Genesis 1:l-31; 2:1-3241
Appendix 9Visible Effects of Surplus Oxygen253
Appendix 10Oxygen Production Stabilizes255

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