A Christian's Use of Finances

We are stewards of God's money -- Luke 16:1-13

Seven Biblical principles for using money:

  1. We should give some of the money God has given us back to God first.
    Prov. 3:9-10--honor the Lord with the best of your produce
    Haggai 1:4-6,9--don't spend God's part on ourselves
    Malachi 3:9-10--robbing God by not giving
    I Cor. 16:2--give as/what prospered
    II Cor. 9:6-8--give liberally and cheerfully

    We do not give to get from God; rather, we give because He is God.

    A person does not lose anything by giving part of his money to God first.

  2. We should save part of our money for things we will need in the future.
    Prov. 6:6-8--the ants are an example in saving
    II Cor. 12:14--parents should save for their children

  3. We should support our own family.
    I Tim. 5:8--a Christian should support his relatives
    I Tim. 5:16--a Christian should support related widows

  4. We should both give and lend to help those in need, but not so much that we ourselves will be short.
    Matt. 5:42--give to the one who begs from you
    Luke 6:35--lend without expecting it to be returned
    II Thess. 3:10--don't help those who will not work
    II Cor. 8:13-14--don't give so much that you are burdened
    Matt. 25:8-9--the wise virgins would not give to the foolish

  5. We should stay out of debt.
    Rom. 13:8--don't owe anything but love
    Prov. 22:7--the borrower is a slave of the lender
    Ps. 37:21--the wicked borrows and does not pay back
    Exod. 22:14--replace broken tool that was borrowed

  6. We should not let greed control our lives to make us buy things that we can't afford.
    Luke 12:15--guard against all kinds of greed
    Col. 3:5-6--greed is a sin
    I Tim. 6:8--be content with food and clothing
    Prov. 21:17--pleasure seekers will never get rich

  7. We should not waste what we have.
    John 12:6--gather up the leftovers and not waste them

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