Making a Budget

A Budget--A Plan for Your Money

List Income

List Expenses


  1. Contribution
  2. Taxes (income, social security, property)--SAVE FOR
    Matt. 22:21; Rom. 13:6-7
  3. Insurance (life, health, home, auto)--SAVE FOR if not monthly
  4. Car Payment--SAVE FOR down payment when paid off
  5. Rent/House Payment


    negatively influenced by greed (impulse buying)
    Col. 3:5-6; I Tim. 6:8; Prov. 21:17
  6. Utilities (electricity, water, gas, phone)--CONTROLLABLE
  7. Food--I Tim. 5:8--CONTROLLABLE
  8. Clothing--CONTROLLABLE
  9. Entertainment and Recreation--CONTROLLABLE
  10. Automobile expense (gas, oil, repairs, license)
  11. Medical and Dental--SAVE FOR
  12. Savings for Retirement/Vacation/College
  13. Gifts and Loans--Matt.25:8-9--CONTROLLABLE
  14. Debts--Rom. 13:8
  15. Helping Relatives--I Tim. 5:8, 16
  16. Postage
  17. School Supplies/Expenses
  18. Children's Allowance
  19. Personal Allowance (Mad Money)
  20. Miscellaneous

Rework the Budget Regularly to Get it Right

Do Not Spend Money if Controllable and Not in Budget

How to Control Buying from Greed

  1. Do Not Buy on Impulse
    1. Wait a Week
    2. On Big Items, Wait a Month
  2. Comparison Shop
  3. Buy One Big Thing at a Time
  4. Do Not Buy on Credit
  5. Limit Your Trips to the Store

How to Control Gift Spending

  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Give Gifts You Make
  3. Do Not Buy Gifts on Credit
  4. Help Your Children Earn Money for Gifts
  5. Send Cards Instead

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