International Health Care Foundation

102 North Locust Street, Searcy, Arkansas, 72143
1-800-293-6449 ~ 501-268-9511 ~
"Spreading the Christian Message Through Compassionate Health Care Services in Underdeveloped Nations"

From IHCF brochure:

Who Are We?

International Health Care Foundation (IHCF) is a non-profit charitable foundation begun in 1972 as African Christian Hospitals Foundation. IHCF is directed by a Church of Christ based Board, whose members hail from all across the USA. Our offices and full-time staff are located in Searcy, Arkansas.

The need for health care services in developing nations is not diminishing. We cannot keep up with the challenges of bringing people what they want (physical help), while delivering what they need (spiritual help). Supplying both (Holistic apporach) is Medical Evangelism at work.

Where Do we Serve?

What Do We Do?

Who Serves?

This is easy -- WE NEED YOU!! (Short term or long term) Docotrs, nurses, lab and X-ray technicians, pharmacists, dentists, accountants, builders, electricians. teachers, etc. Join a team of start one. CALL US!?


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