World Mission Workshop Themes

Year             School             Theme
1961 Harding College                Go Ye Unto All the World
1962 Freed-Hardeman College         The Challenge (?)
1963 Michigan Christian College     "Lord, What Wilt Thou?": The Times--The Tools--The Task
1964 (?) Oklahoma Christian College     Lift up Your Eyes
1964 (?) Abilene Christian College      We Can Evangelize the World
1965 Harding College      Operation Outreach
1966 Pepperdine College             Christ For All the World
1967 David Lipscomb College         Solders of Christ Arise
1968 Lubbock Christian College      Onward Christian Soldier
1969 Northeastern Christian College A Meaningful Message
1970 Oklahoma Christian College     White unto Harvest
1971 Southwestern Christian College Ye Shall Be My Witness
1972 Abilene Christian College      Beautiful Feet
1973 Pepperdine College             The Open Door
1974 Harding College                Here Am I, Send Me
1975 Lubbock Christian College      Soldiers of Christ Arise
1976 Northeastern Christian College Proclaim Liberty
1977 Oklahoma Christian College     Flaming Fire
1978 Freed-Hardeman College         Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?
1979 Abilene Christian University   God, Youth, and World Missions
1980 David Lipscomb University      They Went Everywhere Spreading the Word
1981 Harding University             Where in the World
1982 Pepperdine University          A Fire in My Bones
1983 Lubbock Christian University   God So Loved the World
1984 Oklahoma Christian College     The Aroma of Christ
1985 Freed-Hardeman University      God's Great Love
1986 Columbia Christian University  Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say This
1987 David Lipscomb University      From the Cross to the World
1988 Abilene Christian University   Lord of the Nations
1989 Harding University             Give Me This Mountain
1990 Pepperdine University          The Changeless Christ in a Changing World
1991 Lubbock Christian University   Mission '91
1992 Oklahoma Christian University  Love in Any Language
1993 Freed-Hardeman University      Living Water for a Dying World
1994 David Lipscomb University      He is Exalted
1995 Abilene Christian University   To Know Christ, To Make Christ Known
1996 Harding University             Shine Jesus Shine
1997 Pepperdine University          City Lights
1998 Lubbock Christian University   Mission Possible: Who will be Jesus?
1999 Oklahoma Christian University  God's Heart for the Nations: Standing on the Threshold
2000 Western Christian College      Crossing the Border: Christianity in a Pagan World
2001 Freed-Hardeman University      Launch out into the Deep
2002 Abilene Christian University   Glorify, Unify, Testify
2003 Lipscomb University   The Word Became Flesh
2004 York College   Voyage of Discovery
2005 Harding University   If You Say 'Go'
2006 Lubbock Christian University   Crossing Over: Bridging All Barriers
2007 Oklahoma Christian University   Every Tribe Every Tongue
2008 Faulkner University Who Is My Neighbor?
2009 Freed-Hardeman University It's Not About Us
2010 Harding University GME at Camp Tahkodah That They Might Have Life
2012 Harding University GME at Camp Tahkodah Paint My Life
2013 Oklahoma Christian University Renewal
2014 Global Missions Conference at Memphis The Mission of God
2015 Harding University GME at Camp Tahkodah Relentless

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