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Tentative Course Syllabus Spring 2006


Course Number: BIB 107.01

Course Title: Acts - Revelation

Credit Hours: 2


Course Text:

Holy Bible, any translation.  Prefer NIV, ASV, or RSV.  Do not use a paraphrase.  A study bible would be appropriate.

Survey of the New Testament, A. Robert H. Gundry, Zondervan Publishing Company; 4th edition (July 1, 2003).


Course Catalogue Description: 

BIB 107 Acts through Revelation (2 credits) A survey of the books of the New Testament from Acts through Revelation.


Course Objectives: 

1. Students will be able to identify major events, concerns, characters and themes of this section of the Bible.

2. Students will survey this section of Bible books reviewing introductory material, key passages and identifying the books’ relationship with the biblical canon.

3. Students will read through books of the Bible to build a deeper understanding of the biblical text and strengthen their faith.

4. Students will be able to launch from this foundational study into deeper studies of biblical books and topics.

5. Students and the instructor will practice the Ohio Valley University mission statement: At Ohio Valley University, we seek to transform lives in a Christ-centered academic community that integrates higher learning, biblical faith, and service to God and humanity.  God’s plan of salvation is seen in the study of Scripture and the promises that are fulfilled as history unfolds.  Through our study we may build our faith and strengthen our relationships with God and other people. 

6. Students will be encouraged to self-reflect on their personal learning and make the transition from their knowledge base into life application of Biblical principles.

Course Calendar:

BIB 107.01


First day of class

January 10, 2006

Major exam

February 28

Spring Break

March 6-10

Final exam date and time

See exam schedule.



Academic Integrity Policy:

Because Ohio Valley University expects students to follow the highest standards of honorable conduct in all areas of life, it is essential that students maintain high standards of academic integrity.  Cheating, plagiarizing (whether intentionally misrepresenting another’s work as one’s own or failing to follow appropriate requirements of documentation), and helping others cheat or plagiarize are all violations of these standards. Students who engage in these behaviors will face appropriate consequences, which could include failing the assignment in question, failing the course, or being dismissed from the University. A student who believes that he or she is being treated unjustly may file an appeal with the Provost; the student must initiate the appeal within 48 hours after receiving notification of the consequence. Appeal procedures are available in the office of the Provost.


Course Assessment:

1.      Class participation: 


2.      Quizzes, homework, and other assessment


3.      Midterm exam: 


4.      Final exam:





Course Assessment Criteria:

  1. Class Participation:  The class will include lecture, questions and answer, and large and small group discussions.  The teacher will be observing individual participation and contribution to each process.  Additional observation will be made concerning attendance, response in lecture/questions and courtesy to others in discussion.  Absences will weigh heavily against this part of your grade. 
  2. Quizzes: These will cover all reading, class discussion, vocabulary, and any special material identified by the instructor, or short essay.  There are no makeups on quizzes. 
  3. Homework: Projects, essays, and assigned readings other than text will be assessed against this part of the grade. 
  4. Midterm exam: These will be comprehensive, covering all reading, class discussion, and quizzes and any special material identified by the instructor.
  5. Final exam: This will be a comprehensive exam covering all reading, class discussion and quizzes and any special material identified by the instructor.  In keeping with school policy, no final exams will be given early.


  1. Unless indicated by the teacher as not required for a particular assignment, written assignments must be generated on a word processor using good form with proper grammar and spelling.  Be sure to have your work proofed by a competent person before handing it in for a grade.  It must have a cover sheet with your name on it.  If it is two or more pages in length it must be stapled.  The instructor will not accept the work unless it is completed in accordance with instructions for written work.

2.      Work not turned in on time will be reduced ten percent or one letter grade per class.  Do not miss class to finish a paper or project, as that will cost you in class participation points and the assignment’s grade reduction.

  1. Cell phones and pagers are to be turned off during class.
  2. The instructor reserves the right to amend this syllabus.
  3. Bring your Bibles and textbooks to class!

Grading Scale (% of possible points)

A-          90-100%

B-          80-89%

C-           70-89%

D-          60-69%

F-            <59%


A.           Regular class attendance is expected and you should minimize absences.  Absences are subject to severe grade penalties. 

B.           Do not sign in for someone else or allow someone to do that for you.  This will be addressed at the same level of concern as cheating in any other form.

C.           Attendance at 75% of the scheduled class meetings is required to receive credit for the course.

D.           Any student who is absent from class in excess of a total of one week of class time may be dropped from the class.

E.            Being late for class three times without a valid excuse will count as one unexcused absence.  A student who arrives to class late is responsible for having the instructor mark him or her "present, but late."

F.            Leaving class early without the instructor’s knowing the reason will be treated as an absence.

G.           Absences for school activities, illness and other important reasons count in the total number of absences.  It is your responsibility to make me aware of the reason for an absence.  If you want the class participation points for those days, you must complete assignments to augment the learning missed.  It is up to the student to track and complete this work within three class periods. 

Compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act:

If you have a diagnosed disability and need special accommodations, please notify the Office of the Provost before or immediately after your first scheduled class meeting. After your disability has been verified, notify your instructor, who will work with you and the Office of the Provost to insure that you have a fair opportunity to perform in the course.