Bible 107, Exam 1 Review



1.          Review quizzes.

2.          Review memory work: Acts 1:8, Acts 2:36-39, Acts 4:12, Acts 17:11

3.          Review the conversion chart assignment.

4.          What was different about the conversion of Cornelius and why did these differences occur?

5.          What is the four-point outline we are using to organize the whole bible?

6.          Who was the author of Acts and how do we know?

7.          Which of these men was identified in the trial of the apostles before the Sanhedrin as someone who had led a revolt among the Jewish people?

8.          What time of the day did the healing of the “man crippled from birth” occur?

9.          For what teaching did the priest and captain of the temple guard and the Sadducees have Peter and John arrested”?

10.      The people in Jerusalem who heard the apostles on the day of Pentecost were amazed at their speaking in many languages because the apostles were all ____.

11.      What was the name of the place where the crippled beggar came running up to Peter and John after he had been healed?

12.      Of the apostles listed in Acts 1, which one was the son of Alphaeus?

13.      From what synagogue did opposition arise against Stephen?

14.      What does Peter say is found in no other name than Jesus?

15.      On the day of Pentecost in Acts 2, who seems to have served as the chief spokesman in defense of the apostles?

16.      What was the field named where Judas died?”

17.      Why did the Sadducees have the apostles arrested even though they were doing healings for the people?

18.      Beginning with what aspect of the life of Jesus was the individual who replaced Judas expected to witness?

19.      After they were arrested in Jerusalem, who released the apostles from prison?

20.      What was the original name of the man the apostles called Barnabas or “Son of Encouragement?”

21.      Peter said that all of the prophets had foretold the days of the special events recorded in Acts beginning with what person?

22.      When the Sanhedrin sent officers to retrieve the apostles from the jail, in addition to the fact that the officers could not find the prisoners, what was reported?

23.      Which of the Jewish sects denied the resurrection or an afterlife?

24.      What is the central theme of the “sermons and defenses” of the book of Acts?

25.      To whom is the book of Acts is addressed?

26.      Where was the eunuch from who was baptized by Phillip in Acts 8?

27.      Which city did Paul visit that was strategically important because of its location on an isthmus joining Macedonia and Acadia?

28.      Which city did Paul visit in which he reasoned with the people about an “unknown god” from a small hill known as “Mars Hill?

29.      What happened to Paul on his journey to Rome after he was shipwrecked, that caused people to think he was a god?

30.      Where does Stephen say Abraham lived when God first appeared to him?

31.      Philip approached the chariot of the eunuch and heard him reading from what prophet?

32.      Why did the people of the Samaritan city pay attention to Philip’s teaching?

33.      How did Saul grow powerful in Damascus?

34.      What happened to King Herod at his death?

35.      In what city did Paul heal a man who was lame from birth and had never walked?

36.      Who was the person that Paul and Barnabas had a disagreement over as they planned what would have been their second trip together?

37.      Why did the owners of a slave girl become upset when Paul commanded an evil spirit to leave her?

38.      Who stirred up the people against Paul in Berea?

39.      What was the trade of Demetrius, who led the riot against Paul in Ephesus?

40.      When Paul spoke to the church at Troas, why did he talk until midnight?

41.      On the day of Pentecost in Acts 2, who seems to have served as the chief spokesman in defense of the apostles?

42.      What was the name of the place where the crippled beggar came running up to Peter and John after the beggar had been healed?

43.      Which of these groups of people were overlooked in the “distribution of food” resulting in a conflict for the early church?

44.      Why did Moses flee from Egypt to the land of Midian?

45.      Where does Stephen describe the Son of Man being positioned in relation to God?

46.      To which of these people is the book of Acts addressed?

47.      Who are the two primary characters of the book of Acts?

48.      What gives the author of Acts credibility as a recorder of historically accurate information about Jesus?

49.      What was the name of the place where the Spirit of Jesus prevented Paul and his companions from entering before their going to Macedonia?

50.      Why did the Jews at Thessalonica start a riot in the city?

51.      In Athens what was the name of the place where Paul taught his lesson concerning the inscription “TO AN UNKNOWN GOD?”

52.      From what location had Aquila and Priscilla recently moved when Paul met them in Corinth?

53.      What did Aquila and Priscilla find to be lacking in the teaching of Apollos?

54.      What language did Paul speak that caused the angry crowd in Jerusalem to become quiet?

55.      How does Paul say he received his Roman citizenship after he was arrested in Jerusalem?

56.      Who told Paul of the plot to kill him in Jerusalem?

57.      What was the name of the island Paul was shipwrecked on as he made his last trip to Rome?

58.      What was the name of the person who presented the evidence against Paul in his trial before Felix?

59.      When Paul and Barnabus heard that people wanted to offer sacrifices to them as gods because they had healed a lame man, what did they do?

60.      What was the name of the person whose father was a Greek who joined Paul in his travels at Lystra?

61.      When the text says “from Troas we put out to sea,” who is it indicating is now among the traveling companions of Paul?

62.      When Paul and Silas did not escape from jail when they could have, which of the following did the jailer and his family NOT do?

63.      What did the people of Berea do better than those of Thessalonica?

64.      What was the exclusive message Paul taught to the Jews at Corinth?

65.      What is the gift that Acts says the four unmarried daughters of Philip the evangelist possessed?

66.      Who said to Paul that his great learning was driving him (Paul) insane?