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The Beginning of the Church

Acts 1-2

  1. To whom was the book of Acts dedicated? What had the author written about in the first book dedicated to this person?

  2. For how long a period after His resurrection did Jesus appear to His disciples?

  3. In context, what had the Father promised that the apostles were supposed to wait for? When would it happen?

  4. Where did Jesus tell His apostles that they would testify about Him?

  5. How did Jesus leave this earth? How will He come back?

  6. How many people and what types of people were in the upper room?

  7. What qualifications did the replacement for Judas have to meet?

  8. What two men were put forward as possible apostles to replace Judas? Which one was chosen?

  9. What happened that was unusual on the Day of Pentecost?

  10. Why were the crowds in Jerusalem amazed at what was happening?

  11. What false explanation did some give for what was happening? Could it have accounted for what was happening? Why or why not? Why did Peter say it was unreasonable?

  12. What did Peter say was happening? What prophet did he quote to prove his point?

  13. What four things did Peter say was God's part in the life of Jesus?

  14. Where did Peter say that Jesus' soul was not left? What did the Psalm that he quoted say would happen to the body of God's Holy One?

  15. Could the psalmist have been talking about himself in saying the above? Why or why not? To what does Peter say the psalmist was referring?

  16. What four things did Peter say that God had done to Jesus after His death?

  17. What was the crowd's reaction to Peter's sermon?

  18. What two commands did Peter give the crowd? What two things did he promise them if they obeyed?

  19. Who and how many were baptized on that day?

  20. To what four things did these new Christians devote themselves?

  21. What kinds of activities characterized the early Christians?

  22. Who was God adding to the church and how often?

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