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Paul's Arrest and Trial Before Felix

Acts 21-24

  1. Who did Paul's company stay with at Caesarea and what was notable about his daughters?

  2. What message did the prophet Agabus have for Paul and what was his reaction?

  3. How many Jews were Christians in Jerusalem and what was characteristic of them?

  4. What did James and elders of the Jerusalem church ask Paul to do?

  5. Who did the military tribune think that Paul was at first?

  6. Do you see any evidence from Paul's speech to the mob that baptism was associated with removal of sins in the first century? What?

  7. How did Paul keep from being scourged by the Roman soldiers?

  8. What statement did Paul make that caused the high priest to command him to be slapped while on trial before the council?

  9. What statement did Paul make that caused the Jewish council to become divided over him?

  10. What did the Jews call Christianity in the speech before Felix? What did Paul call it in his speech?

  11. What four things did Paul talk about to Felix and his wife Drusilla?

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