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Trial Before Festus and Journey to Rome

Acts 25-28

  1. Why did the Jews ask Festus to bring Paul to Jerusalem to try him?

  2. When Festus asked Paul if he were willing to be tried in Jerusalem, what was Paul's response?

  3. Why did Festus have a hearing with Paul before Agrippa and Bernice?

  4. What incident in his own life did Paul relate to Agrippa in the hearing? How many times is this incident related in the book of Acts?

  5. What message did Paul tell Agrippa that he preached after he had seen the vision?

  6. What was Agrippa's response to Paul at the hearing?

  7. What did Agrippa tell Festus could have been done with Paul?

  8. At what place did Paul want the ship he was going on to Rome to spend the winter and why did it not?

  9. After fourteen nights in the storm, what did Paul do to encourage the passengers and crew of the ship?

  10. What did the soldiers want to do with the prisoners and why did it not happen?

  11. On what island was the ship wrecked? What unusual happened on this island to Paul?

  12. What two contrasting things did the people of the island say about Paul?

  13. Where did Christians from Rome meet Paul as he journeyed to that city?

  14. Who did Paul preach to first in the city of Rome? What did he tell them when they failed to believe?

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