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Preaching and Problems in the Early Church

Acts 3-5

  1. What did Peter and John not give the lame man who was laid daily at the temple gate? What did they give him?

  2. What did Peter tell the audience that they needed to do to have their sins blotted out? What blessing would come as a result?

  3. What prophets had spoken about the days of the Christ? (give one generic answer and at least two specific examples)

  4. Why were the Sadducees upset with what Peter and John were preaching? (cf. 23:8)

  5. In whose name did Peter say that salvation was found? Could it be found in other names? Why or why not?

  6. Why were there no needy people in the early church?

  7. Whom did Peter say that Ananias and Sapphira had lied to and tempted?

  8. To whom did Peter and the apostles say that God had given the Holy Spirit?

  9. Why did Gamaliel advise the council to be careful what they did to the apostles?

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