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Acts 6-7

  1. What was the cause of a problem in the early church between the Greek-speaking Jews ("the Hellenists") and the Aramaic- speaking Jews ("the Hebrews")?

  2. What solution to the above problem did the apostles give the disciples? What were the qualifications of the men they suggested to solve the problem? Why didn't they take care of it themselves?

  3. What was the result of the problem being solved?

  4. Who argued with Stephen? What results did they have? Why?

  5. What charges were brought against Stephen?

  6. In a nutshell, what did Stephen do in the defense that he gave? What people did he mention in his defense?

  7. What had the Israelite people done to Joseph? What had they done to Moses? How did this relate to Christ?

  8. How did Moses know how to make the tabernacle (the tent of meeting)?

  9. What did Stephen say was the relationship between his listeners and the Holy Spirit?

  10. What did Stephen see in a vision?

  11. What did the crowd do to Stephen? What part did Saul play in this?

  12. What two things did Stephen say before he died?

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