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The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus

Acts 9

  1. Why was Saul going to Damascus and with what authority?

  2. What kind of encounter stopped him along the way?

  3. What was Saul's reaction to this encounter?

  4. What did God tell Ananias in a vision? Was Ananias pleased with what God said?

  5. What did Ananias tell Saul and what was Saul's reaction?

  6. What did Saul begin to do immediately after his conversion and what was the reaction to it?

  7. What kind of plot was made against Saul and how did he escape it?

  8. What did Saul try to do in Jerusalem and how was this received, both by the church and by Barnabas?

  9. Where and why did the church send Saul and what was the result for the church?

  10. Who did Peter heal at Lydda and what was the result for the church?

  11. What did Peter do to Tabitha at Joppa and what was the result for the church?

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