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Readings and Homework from Colossians

Read the following from Colossians. Note the similarities and differences with Ephesians as you read.

1:7  the earthly founder of the Colossian church

1:13-24  the person and work of Christ
     v. 13--transfered to the kingdom of his beloved Son
     v. 14--image of the invisible God
     v. 18--head of the body
     v. 19--in him all the fulness of God was pleased to dwell
     v. 23--gospel preached to every creature
     v. 24--complete what is lacking in Christ's sufferings

2:1  church at Laodicea

2:8-23  the heresy addressed
     v. 8--captive by philosophy according to human tradition
     v. 9--whole fulness of deity dwells bodily
     v. 12--buried and raised with him in baptism
     v. 14--nailed the IOU to the cross
     vv. 16-17--holidays only a shadow
     vv. 20-23--the lack of value of human rules

3:5-21  ethical considerations
     v. 10--renewed in knowledge after the image of the Creator
     v. 16--singing
     v. 17--do everything in the name of the Lord

4:7-9  the bearers of the letter

4:16  the letter to/from Laodicea

Briefly answer the following questions on another sheet of paper for homework. Be sure to put your name on it.

  1. From whom did the church at Colossae learn the gospel?

  2. What did Christ use to make peace between God and man?

  3. What dwells/lives bodily in Christ?

  4. What were some falsely teaching that Christians should do to angels?

  5. What binds everything together in perfect harmony/unity?

  6. What two people delivered this letter to Colossae?

Bonus: What other church got a letter from Paul at this time?

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