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  1. What is the relationship between Christ and creation?

  2. What was God's purpose in making Christ the first to rise from the dead?

  3. To what extent does Paul say that the gospel had spread in the first century?

  4. Were Christ's afflictions or sufferings finished when he died on the cross? Why or why not?

  5. What does Paul think about philosophy? Why?

  6. What evidence do you see in Colossians that baptism was practiced by immersion in the first century?

  7. What did Jesus do with the written bond (instrument of debt) that was against us because we had not kept the regulations?

  8. What is Paul's assessment of the religious holidays under the law of Moses?

  9. What does Paul think about ascetic practices that deny pleasure to the body?

  10. Why is God's wrath/anger coming on the world?

  11. What sins of speech does Paul list in Col. 3:5-11?

  12. Does a person's race make a Christian better or worse in God's sight? Give evidence for your answer from Colossians.

  13. On what should Christian teaching and admonition be based?

  14. What should be done in the name of Jesus?

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