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Readings and Homework from James

This letter was most likely written by James the brother of the Lord. It is a kind of wisdom literature, similar to Proverbs.

Read the following from James:

1:2-8  joy in suffering / asking for wisdom
     v. 5--if lack wisdom, ask God

1:13-17  not tempted by God / good and perfect gift
     vv. 13-14--God tempts no one
     v. 17--every good and perfect gift from above

1:22-27  doers of the word / pure religion
     v. 22--doers and not hearers only
     v. 27--religion that is pure and undefiled

2:1-13  partiality and prejudice
     v. 10--break one point of law and guilty of all

2:14-26  faith and works
     v. 24--not by faith only

3:1-12  the tongue

3:13-18  wisdom
     v. 17--characteristics of the wisdom from above

4:1-3  unanswered prayer
     v. 3--do not receive because ask wrongly

4:13-17  if the Lord wills
     v. 17--it is sin to fail to do what one knows is right

5:13-20  praying for the sick / restoring the erring
     v. 16--confess your sins and pray
Briefly answer the following questions on another sheet of paper for homework. Be sure to put your name on it.

  1. What should a person have who asks God for wisdom?

  2. What does sin bring when it is full-grown?

  3. What is the royal law?

  4. What two Old Testament characters does James give examples from to show the importance of works?

  5. What can no human being tame?

  6. What should a person do when he is cheerful?

Bonus: Who prayed that it might not rain?

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