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Readings and Homework from 1, 2, & 3 John

These brief letters were written by the apostle John. The first is more general; the second and third are directed to the chosen lady (either someone John knows or perhaps a church) and an individual named Gaius. They reflect a time in the later first century when the church was troubled with a heresy known as Gnosticism. The Gnostics taught that they had secret knowledge about the way to God. John countered by writing that all Christians can know that they are saved based on their obedience, faith, and love (the three themes of 1 John that are repeated in a cycle).

Read the following from 1, 2, & 3 John:

1 John

1:5-2:6  the walk of right living
     v. 7--if we walk in the light
     vv. 8, 10--if we say we have no sin
     v. 9--if we confess our sins
     vv. 1-2--Jesus, both advocate and atoning sacrifice
     v. 3--how to know that we know Him

2:7-8  the old and new commandment of love

2:15-17  love of the world
     v. 16--lusts of flesh & eyes and pride of life

2:18-23  many antichrists vs. those who know the truth
     v. 19--they went out from us

2:28  have confidence when He appears

3:2-10  the Christian's not committing sin
     v. 2--we will be like Him when He appears
     v. 4--sin is lawlessness
     vv. 6, 9--Christians do not keep on sinning

3:11-20  murderer vs. one who lays down his life for others
     v. 16--by this we know love
     v. 18--love in deed and in truth
     vv. 19-20--reassure our hearts when they condemn us

4:1-3  spirit of antichrist

4:7-8  love one another for God is love

4:18-21  love and fear and loving the brother who can be seen
     v. 18--perfect love casts out fear
     v. 19--we love because He first loved us

5:1-3  the victory of faith
     v. 4--faith is the victory that overcomes the world

5:8  the three witnesses

5:13  the purpose for writing the book
     v. 13--know that you have eternal life

5:16-17  pray for sin that is not "to death"

2 John

verses 4-10  warning against deceivers and antichrists
     vv. 9-10--don't greet anyone not in the doctrine of Christ

3 John

verses 5-10  acceptance of and opposition to missionaries
Briefly answer the following questions on another sheet of paper for homework. Be sure to put your name on it.

  1. What cleanses Christians from all sin?

  2. What does one who is a liar and antichrist deny?

  3. Who has sinned from the beginning?

  4. Who does John say murdered his own brother?

  5. What are the three witnesses that testify to Christ (here on earth)?

  6. What was a Christian not to do for one who was not abiding in the doctrine of Christ?

Bonus: What individual opposed John and those who supported him because that person liked to put himself first?

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