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Readings and Homework from 1 & 2 Peter and Jude

The two letters written by the apostle Peter are here grouped with the short letter written by Jude, the brother of Jesus (and of James), because the book of Jude is very much like 2 Peter 2.

Read the following from 1 & 2 Peter and Jude:

1 Peter

1:3, 18-23  born anew
     vv. 18-19--ransomed with the precious blood of Christ
     v. 23--born anew through the word of God

2:2-5, 9-10  holy priesthood
     v. 2--long for the pure spiritual milk

2:21-25  the example of Christ
     v. 22--he committed no sin
     v. 24--he bore our sins in his body on the tree

3:1-7  responsibilities of husbands and wives

3:15-22  suffering for doing good
     v. 15--be prepared to make a defense
     v. 19--Christ preached to the spirits in prison
     v. 21--baptism saves you through the resurrection of Christ

4:15-16  suffering as a Christian

5:1-4  instruction to elders

5:8-9  resist the devil
     v. 8--like a roaring lion

2 Peter

1:3-11  growth in Christian virtues
     v. 3--given us all things that pertain to life
     v. 10--if you do this, you will never fall

1:20-2:4  true and false prophecy
     1:20-21--scripture not of private interpretation
     2:1--false teachers will arise
     2:4--angels that sinned

3:3-16  the second coming
     vv. 3-4--scoffers of the second coming
     v. 8--day and thousand years
     v. 9--God does not want any to perish
     vv. 10-12--heavens and elements destroyed by fire
     v. 13--new heavens and new earth
     v. 16--twist scriptures hard to understand to destruction
Jude 3-23 false teachers
     v. 3--contend for the faith once for all delivered
     v. 6--angels who left their position
     v. 10--like unreasoning animals
     v. 12--love feasts
     v. 15--results of ungodliness (impiety, irreverence)
     v. 19--set up divisions
Briefly answer the following questions on another sheet of paper for homework. Be sure to put your name on it.

  1. What was the ransom price paid for Christians?

  2. By what are Christians healed?

  3. What does Peter say saves us through the resurrection of Christ that people today often deny as being true?

  4. What should one not be ashamed of suffering as?

  5. What is the highest virtue that a Christian should add to his or her life?

  6. Who moved men to speak prophecy from God?

  7. Where were angels cast when they sinned?

  8. What past event do scoffers of the second coming ignore?

  9. What is a thousand years like to the Lord?

  10. What will happen to this world on the day of the Lord?

  11. What will happen to people who twist the scriptures?

  12. How many times has the faith been delivered to the saints?

Bonus: What is the relationship between scoffers who set up divisions and the Holy Spirit?

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