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1 & 2 Peter and Jude

  1. Through what are Christians born again/anew?

  2. What two adjectives does Peter use to describe the priesthood of all believers? What kind of sacrifices do they offer?

  3. For what reason does Peter say that Jesus died on the cross?

  4. How should Christian wives who have non-Christian husbands win them over to the Lord?

  5. How should Christian husbands treat their wives? Why?

  6. What should Christians always be prepared to give/make? How should it be done?

  7. If baptism cannot be said to save us because it washes dirt off the body, why can it be said to save us?

  8. What does Peter exhort elders to do and in what way?

  9. Why should a Christian be careful about the devil?

  10. What Christian graces/virtues does Peter say that Christians should add to their lives?

  11. What should Christians do to ensure that they will never fall?

  12. Is every teacher of Christianity equally valid? Why or why not?

  13. What is the real purpose that the Lord seems to delay the second coming? How should we then live?

  14. What must Christians do to guard the purity of the Christian faith?

  15. What happened to angels who sinned?

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