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  II. Messages to the Seven Churches--Chap. 2-3
      Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis,
      Philadelphia, Laodicea

 III. SEQUENCE #1--Chap. 4-11
      A. Heavenly Worship--Chap. 4
      B. Prelude--Chap. 5
      C. Seven Seals--Chap. 6-8:1
         White horse (conquest), Red horse (war), Black horse
         (famine), Green horse (Death), Souls of Martyrs
         under the Altar, Signs in heavens (cf. Mt. 24:29-30),
         [Interlude: 144,000 on earth; multitude in heaven]
         Silence for half an hour
      D. Seven Trumpets--Chap. 8:2-11:19 (warning plagues)
         Destroyed 1/3 of earth, 1/3 of sea, 1/3 of rivers,
         1/3 of heavens, Locusts from bottomless pit 5 months.,
         1/3 of mankind destroyed by cavalry of 200 million,
         [Interlude: 7 thunders, John eats scroll, 2 witnesses]
         Reigning in Kingdom and dead judged (end of world)

  IV. SEQUENCE #2--Chap. 12-14
         woman with child (Israel?), great red dragon (Satan),
         male child (Christ), war in heaven, Satan defeated
         (v.10 res. & Pent.), offspring of woman (Christians),
         beast from sea (7 heads & 10 horns= political power),
         beast from earth (religious power), Lamb & 144,000,
         3 proclaiming angels, Son of man on clouds, harvest

   V. SEQUENCE #3--Chap. 15-16 (7 bowls of wrath=last 7 plagues)
         [flashback & expansion; cf. 15:5 & 16:18-21 with 11:19]
         Destruction of Earth, Sea, Rivers, Sun, Throne of beast,
         Preparation for Armageddon, Destruction of Babylon

  VI. SEQUENCE #4--Chap. 17-18 (expansion of 16:19)
         harlot on beast (Rome; cf. 17:18)
         [7 kings: Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece,
                   Rome, Muslim rule?]
         destruction of Babylon

 VII. SEQUENCE #5--Chap. 19-20
         Marriage supper of the Lamb, Defeat of beast & false
         prophet, Thousand year reign, Defeat of Satan, Judgment

VIII. The New Jerusalem--Chap. 21-22:5 (glorified church)

  IX. CONCLUSION--Chap. 22:6-21

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