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Unity and Conclusion

Romans 14-16

  1. What did Paul command the strong Christians to do for the weak?

  2. What were the two main issues over which Roman Christians were disagreeing?

  3. What were the two attitudes that Paul exhorted the Roman Christians not to have?

  4. Can an action be not wrong within itself but still be wrong to do? Why or why not?

  5. What three things does Paul say are significant within the kingdom of God?

  6. What is the reason that Paul gives why one might abstain from drinking wine?

  7. What is the situation of one who doubts that what he is doing is right while he does it?

  8. What is the purpose of the Old Testament scriptures?

  9. To whom had God sent Paul? What kind of sacrifice did he offer God?

  10. Where had Paul previously preached the gospel at the time he wrote the book of Romans?

  11. How did Paul decide where he wanted to preach the gospel?

  12. Where was Paul going in the immediate future? Why? Where was he planning to go after that?

  13. Who was from Cenchreae? What had she been?

  14. How many women are listed in Paul's final greetings?

  15. How many house churches or groups of Christians are listed in Paul's final greetings?

  16. What was to be done with people who cause trouble in the church? Who are they serving?

  17. Who acted as Paul's secretary in writing the letter of Romans for him?

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