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Romans 3:21-5:21

  1. What is the relationship between the righteousness of God and law?

  2. Who has sinned? How are such sinners justified (declared righteous)?

  3. How was Abraham justified?

  4. If a person is working for his or her salvation, what is the reward (wages) considered?

  5. If a person is not trying to earn his or her salvation by working for it, what does God do to such a person's faith?

  6. What blessing did David pronounce, and on whom?

  7. Was Abraham considered righteous before he was circumsized? Before the law was given? Give reasons for your answers.

  8. What were two reasons why Abraham could have doubted God's promise? Why did he not doubt?

  9. For whose benefit was it written down that Abraham's faith was reckoned (credited) as righteousness?

  10. What does justification by faith give us with God? Why?

  11. Why should a person rejoice in sufferings?

  12. When did Christ die for the ungodly? (two answers) Why?

  13. How did sin come into the world?

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