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Readings and Homework from 1 & 2 Thessalonians

These letters were written on the second missionary journey when Paul was forced by persecution to leave Thessalonica in Macedonia before he wanted to.

Read the following from 1 & 2 Thessalonians:

1 Thessalonians
1:6-10  the gospel in Thessalonica
     vv. 9-10--the content of the gospel

2:18  Paul wanted to see them

3:1-2, 6  Paul sent Timothy to them

4:1-12  ethical exhortations
     vv. 3-6--possess his vessel in holiness, not in passion
     vv. 11-12--work with hands and be dependent on no one

4:13-5:11  second coming
     vv. 15-17--Lord's parousia, resurrection, caught up in the
          air to meet the Lord
     vv. 2-4--day of the Lord like a thief in the night

5:12-22  concluding admonitions
     v. 12--respect those who direct you
     v. 19--do not quench the Spirit

2 Thessalonians
1:5-10  second coming
     vv. 7-8--Lord Jesus revealed with angels in flaming fire
     v. 9-10--punishment of eternal destruction when glorified

2:1-11  before the day of the Lord
     vv. 3-4--rebellion and man of lawlessness come first
     v. 8--Lord Jesus kill the lawless one
     v. 11--strong delusion to make them believe the lie

3:6-15  keep working
     v. 6--avoid those not living according to the tradition
     v. 10--if anyone will not work, let him not eat

Briefly answer the following questions on another sheet of paper for homework. Be sure to put your name on it.

  1. To whom did the Christians at Thessalonica become an example?
  2. In what city was Paul left alone on the 2nd missionary trip?
  3. What did the Thessalonians have no need for Paul to write?
  4. What is the Christian's breastplate?
  5. By what report were the Thessalonians not to be excited?
  6. Who were the Thessalonians to keep away from?
  7. Like what were the Thessalonians to treat one who disobeyed?

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