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1 & 2 Thessalonians

  1. What were the points of the gospel that Paul preached and the Thessalonians believed?

  2. What was the ultimate reason why Paul was not able to see the Thessalonians again?

  3. How are Christians to handle their sexuality?

  4. What instructions does Paul give about working and depending on others?

  5. How does the resurrection change the sorrow of Christians at death?

  6. What is the order of events at Christ's second coming?

  7. What will happen to Christians who are still alive at Christ's second coming?

  8. What analogy does Paul use to explain how some people are going to be surprized at Christ's second coming? Will Christians be surprized in the same way?

  9. What analogy does Paul use to explain the differences in preparation for the second coming between Christians and non-Christians?

  10. What is the Christian attitude to be toward congregational leaders?

  11. What are Christians to test? What are the results of that test?

  12. What punishment will the wicked receive at the second coming of Christ?

  13. What must happen before Christ will come again?

  14. What are the characteristics of the lawless one?

  15. When does the mystery of lawlessness begin its work?

  16. What will happen to the lawless one at Christ's second coming?

  17. Why will some people be lost?

  18. In what way does Paul tell the Thessalonians that they should imitate his example?

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