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1 & 2 Timothy

  1. What should Christians' attitude and practice be toward the leaders of their country and why?

  2. Jesus said that only a few people would find the narrow path. Is it God's wish just to save a few people? Why or why not?

  3. What are two functions that Jesus has played with respect to God and man?

  4. What did Paul tell men and women, respectively, that each of them were to do? Thought question: Can you think of any reason(s) why he should give each of them the commands he does?

  5. What two reasons does Paul give as to why a woman should not teach the scriptures publicly?

  6. Should a bishop be married or unmarried? Can he be divorced? Why?

  7. What reasons does Paul give that a bishop a) should keep his children submissive; b) should not be a recent convert; c) should be well thought of by outsiders?

  8. How do the qualifications for deacon differ from those of a bishop?

  9. Thought question: "Women" in 3:11 could refer to either "wives of deacons" or "women deacons." What reasons can you think of that would support each understanding?

  10. How does Paul say that some will depart from the faith? What specific things will they forbid?

  11. Why should Christians learn to be content with what they have? What is the problem with wanting to have money?

  12. Thought question: What is the good confession of 6:12-13?

  13. How must Christians treat God's word?

  14. Is it possible to look religious without being religious? Why?

  15. What is the value of the scriptures?

  16. What activities are to characterize the life of a preacher?

  17. Why do people turn away from following the truth?

  18. How does Paul characterize his life? What is his reward?

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