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Readings and Homework from Titus and Philemon

Titus was a letter written by Paul to his co-worker Titus telling him how to order the church in Crete. It was apparently sent about the same time as 1 Timothy. Philemon is a more personal letter, sent by Paul to a slave-owner by the hands of a run-away slave, Onesimus, who was returning to his Christian owner after becoming a Christian himself. The letter was sent at the same time as Colossians.

The books are short and the chapters are short within them. Read the whole books of Titus and Philemon, especially noting the following:


     1:5--fix what is wrong & appoint elders in every town
     1:6-9--qualification of elders/bishops
     1:15-16--to pure all things are pure
     2:11-14--the teaching of grace
     3:4-7--salvation by God's grace
     3:9-11--avoid quarrels and factious people


In reading Philemon, note that the name Onesimus means "useful" or "beneficial." Watch for the play on words.

There are no chapter divisions in this short book, so references are given using verses only.

     11--once useless, now useful
     13-14--Philemon act out of free will
     15-16--ultimate reason for his running away
     19-20--Paul will pay what he owes
     20--some benefit from Philemon

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