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1 Corinthians 1:1-4:17

  1. What kind of divisions did the church at Corinth have?

  2. What kinds of arguments does Paul make to convince them that they should not be divided?

  3. Was the Christ group a part of the quarreling?

  4. What does God think about human wisdom?

  5. What kind of people did God choose to be saved and why?

  6. What should Christians brag about?

  7. What is it that the rulers of this age did not understand?

  8. Who understands the thoughts of God?

  9. In what sort of words should we speak to express spiritual truths?

  10. Can a person who does not have God's Spirit really understand what the Bible teaches? Why?

  11. How does this section on wisdom fit in with the overall theme of division in chapters 1-4?

  12. Why did Paul call the Corinthians "babes in Christ?"

  13. If Paul and Apollos were not leaders of Christian divisions, what were they? How does this relate to the discussion about the wisdom of God and the wisdom of men?

  14. Is the temple referred to in 3:16-17 the same as the temple in 6:19? Why?

  15. Who did all the Corinthians belong to? What is the difference between the statements in 3:23 and 1:12?

  16. What principle did Paul want the Corinthians to learn from the illustrations about himself and Apollos? How could this principle prevent division?

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