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1 Corinthians 12:1-31

  1. What test does Paul give to find out whether a prophet is speaking under the influence of the Holy Spirit?

  2. Why does the Spirit give gifts to Christians? Which Christians get gifts?

  3. What spiritual gifts does Paul list here? Which are miraculous and which are not miraculous?

  4. Who gets to choose the gifts that a person will receive?

  5. How does a person get into the body of Christ?

  6. What analogies about the body does Paul use and why?

  7. Why does God give greater honor to the lesser members of the body? How does this apply to the church?

  8. How does Paul rank those who have gifts in the church? Which positions are miraculous and which are not miraculous?

  9. What is the answer to the questions in verses 29-30 and why?

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