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1 Corinthians 13:1-13

  1. What three kinds of abilities and actions are useless without love?

  2. What are the attributes of love (or rather, of the person who has love)?

  3. From the above list, would you say that love is primarily a feeling or a way of treating other people?

  4. How is love better than prophecy, tongues, and knowledge?

  5. When will the partial (the imperfect, the things in part) come to an end?

  6. How many different meanings can you think of for the phrase "the perfect" or "the complete"?

  7. Does a child give up childish ways all at once when he or she becomes an adult or over a period of time before that event?

  8. When will we know fully and see face to face?

  9. Which is the greatest among faith, hope, and love and why?

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