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1 Corinthians 4:18-7:40

  1. What kind of sin had Paul heard was among the Corinthians?

  2. What did Paul want the Corinthians to do with the sinner?

  3. Is leaven in this passage a symbol for good or evil? Why is leaven chosen as a symbol?

  4. How does Paul use Christ's death in his argument?

  5. What evidence is there that this is not Paul's first letter to the Corinthians?

  6. Are Christians to make a distinction between the way they treat Christian and non-Christian sinners? If so, what is it?

  7. Do Christians have a responsibility to judge other Christians? If so, in what situations?

  8. When Christians disagree with one another, who are they to take their case before to ask for help in resolving it?

  9. What arguments does Paul use to show that Christians are competent to judge matters of this world?

  10. Why does Paul say that for Christians to have lawsuits with one another means they are already defeated? (thought question)

  11. What kinds of people will not inherit the kingdom of God?

  12. What had happened to the Corinthians to change them from being these kinds of people? In what had it happened?

  13. Is the relationship between sex and the body the same as between food and the body?

  14. What two reasons for not committing fornication does Paul give in 6:18-19?

  15. What are Christians supposed to do with their bodies?

  16. What is one reason that Paul gives for getting married?

  17. What are the messages that Paul gives to the unmarried and to the married?

  18. Should a Christian leave a spouse who remains an unbeliever? Is a Christian a slave to such a spouse?

  19. Should a Christian sell himself into slavery? Why or why not?

  20. What is the relationship of the teaching that Paul gives about circumcision and slavery to the subject of marriage? That is, why are these sections in chapter 7?

  21. Is it a sin to get married? Why does Paul advise against it?

  22. What does Paul say that the unmarried person should be concerned about?

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