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2 Corinthians

  1. Why do Christians share in sufferings, afflictions, and distress? (chap. 1)

  2. What did Paul think the ultimate reason was that he felt like he had received the sentence of death in Asia? (chap. 1)

  3. What did Paul want the Corinthians to do for the person who had been punished by the majority of them? (chap. 2)

  4. Into what are Christians being changed? (chap. 3)

  5. How did Paul and his companions not treat the word of God? (chap. 4)

  6. Why did Paul and his companions speak about the Lord Jesus? (chap. 4)

  7. For what is the trouble we go through in life preparing us? (chap. 4)

  8. What analogy does Paul use to express his desire not just to put off this present human body? (chap. 5)

  9. Why did Paul and his companions try to persuade people? (chap. 5)

  10. What ministry had God given Paul? What did this make Paul in relation to Christ? (chap. 5)

  11. What analogies does Paul use to show that Christians should not be yoked or mated with unbelievers? (chap. 6)

  12. What is the difference between godly sorrow or grief and worldly sorrow or grief? Can you think of two examples at the trial of Jesus? (chap. 7)

  13. How did the Macedonians give? What did they give first? (chap. 8)

  14. With what attitude should a Christian give to God? How does this affect how much he or she gives? (chap. 9)

  15. What is giving of money ultimately supposed to result in? (chap. 9)

  16. What troubles had Paul been through for the sake of Christ? (chap. 11: include number of lashings, beatings, stonings, shipwrecks)

  17. Where was the "man Paul knew" caught up to? (chap. 12: two answers)

  18. Does God always answer Christians' prayer for healing? Why or why not? (chap. 12)

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