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Readings from 2 Corinthians

Also written on Paul's third missionary journey, 2 Corinthians was actually the fourth letter which we know of that Paul wrote to the Corinthians. It divides naturally into two parts. The first part expresses Paul's comfort at the Corinthians once again accepting him, describes his ministry, and encourages the Corinthians to fulfill their promise of giving to help the poor among the saints at Jerusalem. The second is a defense of his right to be considered an apostle. Some people have thought that the second part was Paul's third letter merged in after his fourth, but this seems unlikely. It can be outlined as follows:

I.  A. Paul's comfort in suffering and his ministry (chaps. 1-7)
    B. The collection for the saints in Jerusalem (chaps. 8-9)
II. Paul's defense of his apostleship (chaps. 10-13)

Read the following:

1:3-14  comfort
     vv. 9-10 rely on God
     v. 13 can be understood

2:1-11  the painful visit

2:17  not peddlers of God's word

3:17-4:2  changed into His likeness/not water down God's word

4:13-5:15  second coming and preaching motivation
     v. 13 believe and so speak
     v. 17 eternal weight of glory
     vv. 1-5 building from God; further clothed
     v. 10 all before the judgment seat of Christ
     v. 11 persuade men
     v. 15 no longer live for selves

5:18-20  the message of reconciliation

6:14-16  not misyoked with unbelievers

7:5-10  comfort from sorrow
     v. 10 godly sorrow/grief

8:1-15; 9:6-15  giving
     9:7-8 cheerful giver/always have enough of everything and
                          provide in abundance

11:7-15  Paul's support
     v. 8 robbed other churches
     v. 14 Satan as angel of light

11:21-12:10  Paul's suffering

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