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The Conversion of Cornelius

Acts 10-11:18

  1. How is Cornelius described in Acts?

  2. What was Cornelius told in a vision to do? Did this include instructions on how to be saved? Thought Question: Why?

  3. What happened in the vision that Peter saw?

  4. Why did Peter not want Cornelius to bow before him?

  5. With what insight did Peter begin his sermon to the household of Cornelius?

  6. How did Peter summarize the life of Jesus?

  7. Who did Peter say that Jesus appeared to after His resurrection?

  8. What expressions are used to describe what happened to Cornelius' household while Peter was still preaching?

  9. What did Peter command those of the household of Cornelius to do?

  10. For what was Peter criticized when he returned to Jerusalem?

  11. How did Peter describe the unexpected events at the household of Cornelius when relating them to the people at Jerusalem?

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