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The Circumcision Controversy

Acts 15

  1. What was the first great controversy of Christianity about and who were the major parties to the disagreement?

  2. Where was the meeting held to decide the answer to the controversy and who was present?

  3. What kind of argument did Peter make for one side or the other? Which side was he on?

  4. What kind of argument did Barnabas and Paul make and which side were they on?

  5. What did James say that the prophecy from Amos 9 was talking about?

  6. What four things did James recommend that the conference write to Gentiles to abstain from?

  7. Who did the apostles and elders choose to carry their letter that gave their decision on the controversy?

  8. Which of the four items is slightly different between James' speech and the letter that was sent out?

  9. To which city was the letter from the conference first sent?

  10. What did Paul and Barnabas disagree about?

  11. Who did Paul and Barnabas take with them on their second journeys and where did they each go?

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