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Paul's Second Missionary Journey

Acts 16-18:21

  1. Why did Paul have Timothy circumcised? Thought question: Did this contradict Paul's position at the Jerusalem conference? Why or why not?

  2. What vision did Paul have and what did he and his companions conclude that it meant?

  3. Who was the first person to be baptized in Europe and what did she ask of Paul and his company?

  4. Why were the owners of the slave girl so upset that they had Paul and Silas throw in jail?

  5. At what hour was the jailer baptized? What did he do before he was baptized?

  6. When Paul and Silas told the jailer to believe in the Lord Jesus, were they saying he did not have to repent and be baptized? Give evidence for your answer.

  7. Why did Paul refuse to leave the jail when the police came to let him out?

  8. Who opposed Paul at Thessalonica? What accusation did they make before the city authorities?

  9. What kinds of philosophers did Paul talk with in Athens? What two opinions did they have of him?

  10. How did Paul identify the God who made the world with what the Athenians worshipped?

  11. What was God's attitude toward ignorance in the past? What is it now? Why?

  12. What people did Paul stay with in Corinth and why?

  13. How long did Paul stay in Corinth? What kind of reception did he receive there as opposed to Athens?

  14. What was the Roman government's early attitude toward the differences between Jews and Christians?

  15. Why did Paul cut his hair at Cenchreae? (cf. Numbers 6:18)

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