Bible 107 Return to Syllabus

Paul's Third Missionary Journey

Acts 18:22-20:38

  1. How does Luke describe Apollos?

  2. What was unusual about the twelve disciples that Paul found when he returned to Ephesus?

  3. What did these twelve disciples do to rectify the problem?

  4. What happened to the twelve disciples when Paul laid his hands on them?

  5. In what two places did Paul preach in Ephesus, and how long in each place?

  6. What was Paul preaching that made Demetrius the silversmith upset? What two reasons did Demetrius give the craftsmen why Paul's preaching was a danger?

  7. When Demetrius stirred up a riot, where did the crowd go, what did they shout, and for how long?

  8. Who finally quieted the crowd and what did he say to do so?

  9. What seven converts from the mission field does Luke mention who were accompanying him and Paul? What were they doing? (see Romans 15:26; 1 Corinthians 16:3-4; 2 Corinthians 8:19, 23)

  10. When and why did Paul's company meet with the disciples at Troas? What unusual happened that night?

  11. In what two places did Paul tell the Ephesian elders that he had taught them? To what two things had he testified?

  12. What did Paul say the Holy Spirit had made these elders? What did he exhort them to do?

  13. Who did Paul say would try to lead the Ephesian Christians astray?

  14. What saying of Jesus did Paul repeat to the Ephesian elders that is not found in any of the four gospels?

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