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  1. Over what thing or things does Christ have authority?

  2. Both who and what did Christians used to follow when they followed the ways or course of this world?

  3. Where have Christians been made to sit?

  4. Why is a person not saved because of works?

  5. What has God created Christians to do?

  6. What five things does Paul say characterized Gentiles before they became Christians?

  7. What does Paul say happened to the law with its commandments and why?

  8. On what foundation is the temple of God established? What is this temple of God?

  9. What are the seven ones of the unity of the Spirit?

  10. What gifts did Christ give the church and why?

  11. What is the difference between the unity of the Spirit and the unity of the faith?

  12. What analogy does Paul use to illustrate the fact that Christians are to grow up into Christ in everything? What are the elements of the analogy?

  13. List at least three sins and the positive behaviors with which Christians are to replace them.

  14. Thought question: Why does Paul list sexual sins, greed, and idolatry together? In what way are these sins alike?

  15. What three kinds of activities should accompany the lives of those who are filled with the Spirit?

  16. What commands does Paul give to husbands and wives as far as their relationship to each other goes?

  17. Against what classes is the Christians' warfare directed?

  18. What kind of armor is the Christian to wear in his or her battle?

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