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  1. What does Paul say should happen to someone who preaches a different gospel than he preached, even if the different gospel comes from an angel? (chap. 1)

  2. Where did Paul get his gospel? (chap. 1)

  3. Why did Paul oppose Cephas (Peter) to his face? (chap. 2)

  4. By what does Paul say that a person cannot be justified? (chap. 2)

  5. What did Christ do that put Him under a curse, so that he might become a curse for us and bear our curse? (chap. 3)

  6. What happens to those who are baptized into Christ? (chap. 3)

  7. Why did God send the Spirit into our hearts, crying "Abba"? (chap. 4)

  8. What does Paul say a person who receives circumcision as a way to be saved have to do? (chap. 5)

  9. What kind of people does Paul say have fallen away from grace? (chap. 5)

  10. In what command is the whole law fulfilled? (chap. 5)

  11. How many sins in the works of the flesh fall in each of the following categories? (chap. 5)
    a. sexual sins
    b. worshipping false gods
    c. against Christian unity
    d. wild living

  12. What are the fruit of the Spirit? (List them from chap. 5)

  13. Why did Paul say his opponents wanted the Galatians to be circumcised? (chap. 6)

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